M1VPN ~ Weather Station via CWOP

M1VPN-1 ~ HF Packet Mailbox 

M1VPN-2 ~ Home Station APRS Node (Yaesu FT847 + APRSIS32)

M1VPN-3 ~ Mobile Station (Kenwood TM-D700E)

M1VPN-5 ~ Portable Operations (Yaesu FT2E + TinyTrak v3)


APRS Operations

Having documented my HF Packet exploits, I've moved on with what I've learned from TNC's, AX.25 etc and am now looking at APRS. Having bought a TinyTrakv3 back in the early days of my Amateur Radio journey, I didn't really understand what I was doing with it, or have the time to look further. Not much has changed about the latter, but I do at least have the grounding in Packet to understand what's actually going on !

Problem one is that there is NO, and I mean, none, RF APRS traffic at my location. I leave the radio on 144.800 and there is nothing happening. I'm not in a great spot for VHF/UHF modes anyway but it does put a certain blocker in doing any iGating etc. That in itself isn't a problem really, as this is about me using APRS but it would e good to put something back into the APRS subject, like an RF node.


Onward ...

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