Making an outdoor 6 x 1 antenna switch from a PCB

The SM2WMV/SJ2W switch is a popular and well implemented set of switches, the 6 x 2 for SO2R etc have been used on many a DXpedition and I bought a PCB quite a few years ago. I drilled the Hammond DieCast box and put the switch hardware together, but that's as far as I got. I did order all the parts from CPC, but they lay in my garage for about 8 years, and it took a pandemic for me to get them out again.

The Switch

 The PCB from Mike SM2WMV/SJ2W, is wired for 6 x encapsulated relays, which are sourced from CPC, along with a diode and a SMT capacitor, along with SO239 and mounting hardware into a Hammond DieCast box. This all terminates in a screw wiring terminal for channels 1 - 6 and GND. The box is finished off with a Waterproof grommet.

** Picture of Switch internals


The Controller

The controller is something that's not part of the PCB kit, so you can freestyle this a bit. Some have incorporated a Band controller, so that when you switch the radio, it switches to the appropriate antenna. This isn't something I really need as most of my HF antennas are multi-band and the logic on which antenna is which is not something any band decoder can work out.

I went for the traditional 6 way rotary switch and 6 LED in a box route. Simple, Stripboard and some drilling. I could go all Arduino on this, but really I don't need to. This is so I only have one run of Coax into the underground conduit and then I can Star out from there for my Hustler 6BTV, OCDF and HexBeam, and 30m Dipole.

** Pic of controller/inside out.






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