Cables and connectors for connection between the PK-232 TNC and Yaesu FT-847 for VHF - In Test

FT-847 Data Connector for VHF Digital Modes

The Yaesu FT-847 has two connections for data modes, one for HF data and one for VHF/FM Packet. I detail the HF Data connector to the Pakratt 232 TNC on another page, and this page concerns the VHF/FM connector. This is a 6 pin DIN presentation, in a very small DIN configuration.

This connector, as you can see from the Yaesu diagram below has two speeds, 1200 and 9600 bps. This is indicated on the diagram for the cable ;


Wiring diagram




Yaesu Manual Pin-out for PKT port on FT-847

AEA Pinout for PK-232 TNC



JY-1199 4 core shielded audio cable
5 pin Female Dupont Connector
 pin Mini-DIN Connector



Wire as circuit diagram, ensure shield provides continuity between Gnd and 5 pin Mini-DIN Connector to prevent ground loops and hum.



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