Our sensors are located in the best situations we have in our garden at the old school. They are listed below with information about the situation, calibration and history.

We submit data to the Citizens Weather Observer Programme and therefore comparison of data between local METAR and other stations is available to compare accuracy.



Temp and Humidity

These sensors are located on the Davis ISS, mounted on a 4inch square post, at 1.5m above the lawn. There is a daytime FARS unit fitted to circulate the air when solar energy falls on the solar panel.



A Tipping Bucket raingauge is located on the ISS, at 1.5m above the lawn. There is an option to locate this at the same site as the old raingauge which was located by the Environment Agency, however measurements have shown that this location is better as the height increases the overall area as it is above the fence line. The TBR has been calibrated in accordance to WMO settings. Picture shows the check gauge used to calibrate and check the TBR results are within tolerance.

Wind Speed and Direction

Located on the chimney pole, this is out of the main obstructions but the woods to the west will cause turbulence and lower speeds.

Solar and UV


These are mounted on a sensor shelf, on the ISS and are located in the garden. A tree overhang casts a shadow in summer which needs to be addressed.

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