Building a QO-100 Ground station

Having a background in SatComs, I'm not really sure why it has taken me so long to look at QO-100 operation. I already have the Dish and some prior knowledge of the technologies involved. This page will chart the progress of the build and installation of a QO-100 Ground Station, firstly for Rx and then to Tx for Voice and Digital modes.


Building the Station

Whilst I have a 1.2m Channel master dish for DX TV, this station is based on a 80cm Triax dish, as a separate install. The 1.2m could be used for Wideband at a later date, but the station is being prepared for NB operation. Starting as a RX station, the following products were purchased from Passion Radio ;

  • Bullseye TXCO LNB
  • POTY Kit
  • Bias-T
  • F-type to SMA convertor

A 80cm Triax Off-set Dish from CPC, along with Compression F-type connectors. I already have RG6U in stock from the BevFlex-4X project, and a configured SDR Console install on both Shack PC and the Test machine. I have an ADALM Pluto Rev. B for a general SDR, but will need to get a Rev. D for the external clocking as I do not want to modify my current device.



With the 80cm Dish assembled, LNB plugged in and the SDR configured, the Bias voltage was applied and the Receive station sprang into life. After a bit of searching of the waterfall, the signals were located and I scanned over some QSO's and found the PSK beacon, which decoded nicely on AO40Rcv. The one issue is with the 2.8Khz spaced interference, on the waterfall. SDR Console easily can notch the interference off the signals, but I want a cleaner waterfall. With some research another amateur had the same issue and fixed it with an LTE filter, therefore one has been purchased from Amazon, and await it's arrival to see if that makes a difference.

Initial Install - Note Interference


Post-LTE Filter - Clean Waterfall


Soldered POTY and G4EML 3D Printed LNB Cap (By M0LRV)

 Station Schematic diagram



Parts List

Part Source Cost Notes
RX Station      
ADALM Pluto Mouser £204.00 Rev D
DC blocking Cap (SMA) Ebay £7.00  
Bias T Circuit Board Passion Radio £15.00  
Bullseye LNB Passion Radio £23.00  
Mercury LTE Filter Amazon £5.99 DC Pass-through
Triax TDS80 Dish CPC £39.00 80cm Steel Dish
20v to 5v USB PSU Board Ebay £4.00 USB Power Board
20cm USB-A to USB-C Cables Ebay £3.00  
USB-C to USB-A OTG Amazon £6.00  
USB Ethernet Adaptor Amazon £12.00  
RG6/U Coaxial Cable and Plugs CPC In-Stock  
13.8v PSU   In-Stock  
Dish Mounting Pole   In-Stock  
Postcrete Mix   £6.00 Post Concrete Mix
   Total :    
TX Station      
POTY Antenna Passion Radio £41.00 Kit
20v to 28v PSU Board Ebay £12.00 Step-up Voltage for Amp
AD CN0417 Amp/BPF Mouser £27.00 Small RF Amplifier
-3db Attenuator CPC £23.00 Half Power Attenuator
SG Labs 30w 2.4Ghz RF Amp SG Labs £138.00 QO-100 amplifier
Leo Bodnar GPSDO Bodnar £99.00 Clock Source
Waterproof Box CPC £8.00 IP54 Container
G4EML POTY Mount M0LRV £ 3D Print



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