The Weather in Combe Raleigh in 2014 - (Published in the Raleigh Rag)

It’s been an interesting year for the weather in general, but the wet and stormy weather at the beginning of the year made a challenging start for 2014 with approx. 200mm of rain each month in January and February. A warm summer followed, ensuring a good vegetable crop although a poor quantity of apples compared with 2013. September was unseasonably dry and the cold snap didn’t really appear until the end of December.

Weather monitoring has been fairly reliable this year, although an equipment failure caused some odd readings in March, which have been corrected. We’ve not had much time to add additional sensors this year, for some reason! We do need to add some height to the anemometer so expect that to appear on top of the Old School shortly. Some more work on the soil sensors needs to be completed too.

Recorded weather

The year was wetter with 1115.2 mm compared with 839.4mm rainfall in 2013. However 2012 still remains wettest with 1288.2 mm. Wettest month was February with 204.8 mm and 28 rain days (Yes, it rained every day !) There were 120 precipitation days with more than 2.5mm rain recorded.  The driest month was September with 16.2 mm and 6 rain days. 

The Met Office has confirmed that September was the driest month on record for the UK in a series from 1910.

It was also a warm year, with an increase in average temp of 1°C over last year. Our temp average of 11.1°C is above our reading last year (10.1°C) and also above the average temp for the UK at 9.9 °C. Temp data recorded 38 days above 22°C, with only 2 days dropping below -5°C.

The Met Office has confirmed that 2014 was the warmest overall year since 1910. 


No recorded snow fall, but 30 instances of ground frost.

Average temperature     = 11.1°C
Average humidity        = 86%
Average dewpoint        = 8.2 °C
Average barometer       = 1012.5 mb

Average windspeed       = 1.1 mph
Average gustspeed       = 2.6 mph
Average direction       = 186° ( S )
Maximum windspeed       = 20.7 mph  203°(SSW) on 14th Feb at 20:53
Maximum gust speed      = 40.3 mph  180°( S ) on 12th Feb at 12:34
Total windrun     = 9834.2 miles

Rainfall for year= 1115.2 mm
Maximum rain per minute     = 7.9 mm on 22nd May at 09:44
Maximum rain in 1 hour     = 10.4 mm  on 19th September at 07:47
Record Daily Rainfall      = 25.2 mm on 1st January

Maximum temperature     = 28.3°C on 26th July at 15:36
Minimum temperature     = -6.3°C on 29th December at 06:55

Maximum pressure        = 1044.4 mb on 29th December at 20:23
Minimum pressure        = 969.8 mb on day 14th Feb at 20:36

Maximum UV Index= 8.8 on 5th July at 12:50
Maximum Solar= 1322 W2m on 28th June at 12:50
Maximum Sunshine Hours= 11.6 hrs on 5th June
Total Sunshine Hours= 951.9 hrs

Maximum Radiation Exposure = 14.71 cpm ( 0.13 µSv) on 7th March
Minimum Radiation Exposure = 7.5 cpm ( 0.06 µSv) on 1st November 


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