The Weather in Combe Raleigh in 2013 - (Published in the Raleigh Rag)

Remembering the 2013 weather year, Combe Raleigh experienced cold spells in January to March, a warm dry summer and closed with a warmer than usual winter. We even had 10cm of Snow on 19th January.

At The Old School, we run an internet connected weather station. We run 24 hours a day, recording the weather and also forecasting the next 3 days with advanced climate modelling software. 

Radiation measurements are made automatically every 6 seconds by a Geiger counter connected to the station, and calculates the internal radiation levels within the Old School. This is predominantly Radon Gas, which is present in the earth, emitting alpha radiation. The recorded levels are very low, which is representative of the geological structures under Combe Raleigh.

Weather data recorded indicated that March was very much cooler than 2012, 2.2°C lower overall average, although the year was dryer with 1288.2mm in 2012 but 839.4mm in 2013. As the years pass, this comparative data will be more interesting !


The Highs and Lows of 2013 ;

Average temperature= 10.1°C
Average humidity= 87%
Average dewpoint= 7.9°C
Average barometer= 1015.3 mb

Average windspeed= 1.0 mph
Average gustspeed= 2.4 mph
Average direction= 102° (ESE)
Maximum windspeed= 13.8 mph  203°(SSW) on 23rd December at 13:33 
Maximum gust speed= 29.9 mph  135°( SE) on 23rd December at 22:22
Total Wind run          = 8456.9 miles

Rainfall for year= 839.4 mm
Maximum rain per min= 2.0 mm per min on 22nd January at 01:17

Maximum temperature= 30.4°C on 13th July at 16:00
Minimum temperature= -4.9°C on 14th March at 06:55

Minimum humidity= 34% on 13th July at 17:37

Maximum pressure= 1042.1 mb on 11th November at 20:48
Minimum pressure= 973.6 mb on 1st December at 17:38

Maximum UV Index= 9.2 on 3rd July
Maximum Solar= 1324 W2m on 30th June
Maximum Sunshine Hours= 11.6 hrs on 5th June

Maximum Radiation Exposure = 14.69 cpm ( 0.13 µSv) on 7th March
Minimum Radiation Exposure = 10.29 cpm ( 0.095 µSv) on 10th July




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